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Hanoi is one of the most visited places in Vietnam. This is due to the varieties of things tourists can do in Hanoi. If tourists are to visit Hanoi, it is a must for them to visit the Hoan Kiem Lake, which is translated to the Lake of the Restored Sword. This lake is located in a historical center in Hanoi, and it portrays a majestic scenery which will definitely provide a new insights for tourists who visit the place. Near the Hoan Kiem Lake, tourists can also proceed to visit the Old Quarter, which is also located in Hanoi. The Old Quarter possesses very high historical value as this street preserves the original street layout as well as its original architecture ever since it was first built. Tourists will also find various traders and merchandiser sellers on this street.

If tourists are interested with the cultures of Hanoi, tourists can also visit the Water Puppet Theater. This water puppet theater is a tradition embraced by the locals and it possesses a very long historical background. Through the puppet shows, tourists can also equip more knowledge regarding the local legends and tales amongst the Vietnamese folks. Another place for tourists who are interested with Hanoi’s history is the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. This museum is focused on the portraying of the main 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. The architecture of the building is also heavily influenced by the ethnic group, Tay and was designed by a French architect.

Hanoi is also famous for its night markets. The night markets in Hanoi is always crowded and filled with people. Tourists can also find various local-made products here including clothes, local delicacies, decorations, and many more. The night markets are also a great place for tourists to experience the local nightlife of Hanoi. Tourists can also find various local delicacies such as banh beo, Hai Phong bread, Donner Kebap, lau, and many more with reasonable and even cheap prices.

For tourists who are interested with Hanoi’s local handmade product, the Bat Trang Ceramic Village is the place tourists should not miss. Here, tourists will find various high quality handmade ceramic and pottery products which are all made out of the villager’s traditional skills. Apart from having the chance to buy some back for remembrance purposes, tourists can even get their hands on these pottery and ceramic products in which they can try making their very own ceramic products. If tourists want to capture more breathtaking pictures in Hanoi, tourists can proceed to the West Lake, which is the largest lake in Hanoi. Not only that the West Lake possesses a jaw-dropping view, the lake also possesses many legendary stories which can help tourists to further understand the local culture of the people in Hanoi.

Hanoi Hotels

Tirant Hotel Hanoi

Located in the heritage quarter of old Saigon, offers authentic Vietnamese hospitality with a mix of commercial, retail, entertainment, and cultural experiences; just 25 minutes from Tan Son Nhat international airport.

Thaison Palace Hotel

Located strategically in the middle of the Hanoi old quarter. To access to the hotel, guests can consider calling for a rental car to minimize unnecessary hassles.

Mai Charming Boutique Hotel

Located in a strategic location in the city of Hanoi, the boutique hotel thus provides easy access to various major attractions surrounding the boutique hotel.
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