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Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the places one must visit when he/she is in Vietnam. In Ho Chi Minh City, tourists will not only be exposed to the various local cultures that the citizens proudly embrace but in the same time, tourists will also get to witness the extraordinary architectures on the historical buildings which incorporate a lot of their local cultural elements along with various historical footprints. On top of that, tourists may also find that Ho Chi Minh City is also a city which contains a lot of originality in terms of portraying the Vietnamese’s local culture and historical elements.

There are various reasons which can urge tourists to visit Ho Chi Minh City. First of all, tourists should not miss out on trying their local food. Ho Chi Minh City is well-known for its cheap eats. Here, tourists get to taste various local food such as pho (a traditional Vietnamese noodle), as well as their pork rolls with a reasonable and affordable price. One interesting fact about the food stalls is that most of the food stalls are named after the Vietnamese families; thus, from here, tourists can get to know more of the Vietnamese local cultures and indulge in their local delicacies in the same time.

Ho Chi Minh City is also famous for its late night pedicure and spa. These shops that offer those services can be found in basically every corner of the street in Ho Chi Minh City. Furthermore, these shops are often open late at night thus, this is also a good chance for tourists to experience Vietnam’s local nightlife while they visit the shops along the way. If tourists are interested with their history, tourists can also choose to visit the War Remnants Museums, which stores a lot of the memorable historical items left back in Ho Chi Minh City. The War Remnants Museum is also one of the most visited museums in Vietnam and it is also one of the few places where visitors can find retired military vehicles.

To know more of Ho Chi Minh City's history, tourists can also proceed to the Reunification Palace. This palace is where the President used to stay during the Ámerican War. It is a very historical location in Vietnam in which tourists are free to tour around the place to witness more of the after-war remnants in Ho Chi Minh City. Apart from that, tourists should also not miss the markets in Ho Chi Minh City, which is also another trademark of Vietnam. The Ben Thanh Market is especially well-known as it consists of 3000 stalls, selling local-made products with a reasonable price. This is definitely a good place tourists to pick up some souvenirs which they can keep as a remembrance when they go back to their home country.

Ho Chi Minh Hotels

Grand Hotel Saigon

Grand Hotel Saigon can be easily recognized in a distance due to its outstanding outlook which stands out in the big city of Ho Chi Minh.

Windsor Plaza Hotel

Located in the heritage quarter of old Saigon, offers authentic Vietnamese hospitality with a mix of commercial, retail, entertainment, and cultural experiences; just 25 minutes from Tan Son Nhat international airport.

Signature Hotel Saigon

Signature Saigon Hotel is a brand new hotel suitably located in the city centre and just 100 meters from Ben Thanh Market.

Victory Hotel Saigon

Located in the heart of the city, the hotel is very convenient for trade, shopping, sightseeing and relaxation. Just only 15 minutes from the airport, you will be received at the Lounge of the hotel.

Ha Hien Hotel

Ha Hien Hotel is a three star hotel featuring 10 floors of 62 exquisitely designed guest rooms and suites. Each of our spacious accommodations offers breathtaking views of either Ben Thanh Market, bustling downtown Ho Chi Minh City or the beautiful city.

Thien Thao Hotel Saigon

Located in the middle of City Center and China Town - the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Thien Thao Hotel is ideal for tourists and business travelers alike.
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