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Hue is the city in Vietnam which will help tourists understand both the local culture of Vietnam along with its historical heritages. On top of that, Hue is also well-known for having interesting architectures – portrayed from their buildings – as well as being a place which proudly portrays its histories. Hue possesses many important histories of Vietnam and thus, tourists would expect to find many historical buildings such as temples, tombs, palaces, and many more which most of them portrays the footprints of what the war had left them. Although some of the buildings are mostly damaged, tourists can still witness the beauty of the history of Hue through these damaged parts.

For a good start in Hue, tourists can first access to the Imperial Citadel (Dai Noi), which portrays a massive building structure that will blow tourists’ minds away with its traditional structure. Although the building is now suffering from massive damage, tourists can still able to learn a lot of the history of Hue from this building and in the same time, have a good look at the kind of architecture the locals had incorporated to build this majestic building in the past. Then, tourists can access to Tu Duc Tomb, which also contains a huge range of history of Hue. Another attraction with great historical background of Hue is the An Dinh Palace. This palace is also the most well-known historical site in Hue. One look at the palace will definitely gives tourists a magnificent yet majestic atmosphere. Thus, this palace is one of the places tourists must visit when they are in Hue.

If tourists are looking for a good view of the sceneries in Hue, tourists can proceed to a dragon boat trip on the Perfume River. The dragon boat trip will bring tourists to major attractions in Hue which include the Thien Mu Pagoda, the Hon Chen Temple, the Khai Dinh Tomb and many more. Besides, the Heritage House is also another place in Hue which tourists must visit when they are in the place. Here, tourists will catch glimpses of not only the past lifestyles of the locals but in the same time, there are also bits and pieces of the current locals’ lifestyles all embedded in the building architectures as well as the benches and road side decorations. There are also many small stalls along the road side in which tourists can stop by to catch a bite when they are strolling around the streets. If tourists are interested with more interesting architectures in Hue, tourists can also consider visiting the Nine Holy Cannons as well as the Thien Mu Pagoda, which is recognized as the symbol of Hue and is one of the most visited places in Hue.

Hue Hotels

Imperial Hotel Hue

Imperial Hotel Hue is located along the banks of the Perfume River. It is also located very near to major cities such as the national capital of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Saigon.

Gold Hotel Hue Vietnam

Gold Hotel Hue is one of the most impressive hotels one will find in Vietnam.

Moonlight Hotel Hue

Located strategically in the heart of the city of Hue. It is located in a location which provides proximity to various business hubs and commercial centers.
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