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Malacca is one of the best states to visit in Malaysia if one intends to know more about Malaysia’s and the state’s history. This is due to the fact that Malacca has went through a long history of colonialism; however, the Malacca today – although small – is a strong state which contributes a lot to the essence of the country. In Malacca, the two most important industries include the tourism industry as well as the manufacturing sector. It is also one of the must-go states for tourists to visit because it contains so many historical stories that are tightly related to Malaysia. Thus, if tourists want to know more about Malaysia, Malacca is definitely the place to be.

Tourists are expected to find many budget hotels in Malacca, in which most of these hotels are situated very near to famous tourist attractions. Besides, the transportation system in Malacca is also doing fairly well, thus saving the time needed for tourists to travel around. Amongst the tourist attractions that one can visit is the Jonker Street. The Jonker Street is the most famous attraction in Malacca featuring various local cultural elements.

To know more of the historical stories in the state, tourists can also visit The Stadthuys Malacca, The Baba Nyonya Museum, Portuguese Square, and also the St.Paul Church Malacca. All of these tourist attractions provide detailed explanations on the historical happenings and will definitely help tourists to understand more of the state’s essence and uniqueness.

Besides of the main three races (Malay, Chinese, Indian), various other ethnicities such as the Baba Nyonya and the Portuguese can also be found in the state. Thus, it is also a great chance for tourist to also learn more of these unique ethnicities when they visit Malacca.

Malacca Hotels

Bayview Hotel Melaka

Bayview Hotel Melaka is located right in the heart of the city of Malacca. It is located in a location which allows easy access for guests to various business and shopping districts.

Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Melaka

Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Melaka is located within a distance away from town; thus, giving guests the peace and calm they need when they are on vacation. The resort is accessible via public transportations.

Hallmark Hotel Leisure Melaka

Hallmark Hotel Leisure Melaka is within walking distance from Jonker Street, Porto De Santiago, Melaka River and Stadhuys. For touritsts that are wishes to embark on a spiritual journey, the Kampung Hulu Mosque, Kampung Keling Mosque and Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is closeby.

Arenaa Deluxe Hotel Melaka

Arenaa Deluxe Hotel Melaka is located in a convenient location right in the heart of the Malacca city. Arenaa Deluxe hotel is also located very near to various historical sites which tourists can access to without too much hassle.

Hallmark Crown Hotel Melaka

Hallmark Crown Hotel Melaka is one of the well-known hotel around Melaka because it is only approximately 10 minutes away from the Batu Berendam Airport. Besides that, it has a strategic location, since it is near some of the famous historical sites lke the Porto De Santiago, Dataran Pahlawan, as well as Mahkota Parade; in which all can be reach by foot.

Marvelux Hotel Melaka

Marvelux Hotel Melaka is surrounded by different tourist attractions which guests can access to within walking distance. In order to access to the hotel, guests can choose to take the public transportations

Hotel Equatorial Melaka

Hotel Equatorial Melaka provides guests with an instant modernized and contemporary feel the moment guests set foot in the hotel. The business international hotel is especially recommended for business travelers who are in Malacca for business purposes.

Philea Resort & Spa Melaka

Philea Resort & Spa Melaka is one of the premium resorts one will find in the country. In the resort, guests are expected to experience paradise in which it makes the resort an ideal accommodation for guests who are looking for a getaway from their everyday stress and pressure.

Casa Del Rio Melaka Hotel

Casa Del Rio Melaka Hotel possesses an outstanding architectural outlook which makes it instantly recognizable and accessible. The architecture of the hotel actually possesses a great history behind its marvelous outlook

Wana Riverside Hotel Melaka

Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel Melaka provides guests with a homey feel the moment guests set their foot in the hotel. The hotel is recommended for both leisure and business travelers who are looking for a comfortable yet simple stay while they are on their vacation in Malacca.

Ramada Plaza Melaka

Ramada Plaza Melaka Hotel possesses an elegant look which is well transmitted into both their internal and outer looking. One step into the hotel will allow guests to be indulged in an elegant yet unique feel that will definitely help in enhancing guest’s traveling experience in Malacca.

Prima Hotel Melaka

Prima Hotel Melaka is especially recommended for both business and leisure travelers who are looking for a classic yet unique stay in Malacca. The hotel emphasizes on affordability but will never compensate their services and hospitality they provide for their guests.

Swan Garden Hotel Melaka

Swan Garden Hotel Melaka is located a distance away from the bustling city. Swan Garden Hotel Melaka is recommended for both business and leisure travelers who wish to find a serene atmosphere to reside in during their days in Malacca.

The Explorer Hotel Melaka

The Explorer Hotel Melaka is located very near to the business and shopping districts of Malacca. The Explorer Hotel Melaka is Malaysia’s first eco-friendly hotel. It is also located in a location which provides guests with the convenience to explore the local towns and cities

Venus Boutique Hotel Melaka

Located in the middle of the Malacca city, Venus Boutique Hotel Melaka is a convenient stay due to the fact that it is only walking distance from the shopping and business districts in Malacca. Venus Boutique Hotel Melaka is tastefully designed with its very own concept

Mio Boutique Hotel Melaka

Mio Boutique Hotel Melaka is surrounded by various tourist attractions that guests can easily access via foot or public transport. Mio Boutique Hotel Melaka possesses a distinctive design both internally and externally which allows guests to be able to instantly recognize the boutique hotel

Naza Talyya Melaka Hotel

Newly renovated, the Naza Talyya Hotel Melaka blends style and elegance in a contemporary setting. The 112 rooms are furnished with modern comforts and a variety of facilities. The hotel reflects the charm of true Malaccan hospitality.
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